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I might have a new friend
Saturday December 12th 2009, 9:50 pm  Tagged ,
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Tonight my mom went to dinner with my grandma and aunt and they told her they have seen another golden retriever tripawd in grandma’s neighborhood!! my mom said she would find out who it is and maybe we could meet and play!! how fun to have a friend just like me in town!!
My grandma lives in a neighborhood where everyone is so friendly and people are out walking a lot so the chance of grandma seeing this dog again are pretty high!!
Bailey is fun to play with too, but he hurt himself last night and i think i’m in better shape right now than he is:))
he and I are always competing you know. we are both boys, both prefer to have ALL of mom’s attention to ourselves, and even though i am the alpha male, he is noisy and sometimes gets his way just so we can have quiet!! what a trick i’d say!
The snow is melting and mushy outside now, mom was worried about us sliding so she put down kitty litter. Is she nuts? I kept having to sniff it just to make sure i hadn’t lost my mind! finally i realized that yes, mom is nuts and i went off to explore the back yard!
Gracie ( our cat) is an indoor cat and has always had her litter in a box. she likes to try to come outside with us, but mom doesn’t want her too, so why put out all her kitty litter? she said it’s so we won’t slip.. i think she needs to remember that so far the only one who has slipped is her. lol:))
My new harness came today and i think i’ll like it better than the first one, the first one was too big and when i’d pee i’d get it all wet! this one shouldn’t be a problem! I do have some dignity you know!
Bailey goes to the vets on monday for his x-rays, because they were understaffed and booked this morning. I think peyton is right, he just wants more of mom’s attention. well he got it, she is still giving me lots of attention and too many kisses so i won’t complain yet!!
well, i better take another nap and get rested up for the next time we go out.. the neighbors dog likes to bark at me and run back and forth up the side of our fence.. i keep up with him, in fact i out do the little runt:)) I’ll show him who’s boss!
goodnight to y’all, hope everyone is doing well:))

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2 Comments so far

That would be pawsome to have another tripawd friend!I met two other tripawds at a Canine Cancer Walk (one was Wyatt) and they didn’t want anything to do with me. I bet you and I would be great friends if we lived closer!

Tell your Mom to be careful, that is just what she needs is to slip and hurt herself! She needs to be healthy and in one piece to take care of you and Bailey! Tell Bailey we are crossing our paws for him and thinking of him!!

   Peyton's Path on 12.13.09 @ 2:55 pm    

No waaaaay! ANOTHER Tripawd? OMG we have to meet s/he!

And hey Peyton, I really thought you were cool, I was just so new at being around crowds and stuff. Wait till you see how much my pawrent’s training has helped with my anti-social behavior!

   wyattraydawg on 12.14.09 @ 1:34 am    

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