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slip sliding away
Sunday December 06th 2009, 5:23 pm  Tagged
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i love my bone:)

i love my bone:)

It’s Dec.6th and we are having or first freezing drizzle outside. My mom had a ramp built for me when what we thought was just bad knee arthritis had gotten so bad that i constantly limped and held my leg up most of the time. Well the ramp has been great because those stairs were really painful and hard to take however tonight my mom was worried about how the ramp would be with the light freeze set upon it and so she put on my leash to guide me down into the back yard so i wouldn’t slip and hurt myself. I did great, my mom..not so great. i hopped on down but my mom slid and had an even harder time getting back up the darn thing. lol, it was pretty funny, but now she’s on the hunt for a better ice melter. for now i guess she’ll be taking me out front so i don’t get hurt. Buddy

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Wow Buddy, I can’t believe you just lay on that bone. If you were at my house you wouldn’t have a chance to just lay on it. My brother and I are big chewers and those things don’t last. We have a race who can finish faster and I still beat him with only one front leg 🙂 !

Sounds like a fun ramp. We have been getting a lot of snow lately and it worries my Mom, but she is always surprised how well I do on it. I slip a little, but I get along just great! My pawrents are so funny they will shovel paths in the backyard for me so I can go do my business. How nice is that?!?

You are a handsome dude like me!! Tell your Mom we love pictures, just look at my post 🙂 !

   Peyton's Path on 12.07.09 @ 10:41 am    

Ouch! Be careful, we don’t need any injured caretakers of three legged dogs, now. 😉

   admin on 12.07.09 @ 4:50 pm    

Buddy… are you sure you didn’t just pull your mommy a little to see if she could slide? 🙂 Now tell us the truth… we won’t say anything… 🙂

Angel Jake’s Mom

   jakesmom on 12.07.09 @ 4:55 pm    

When my mom falls in the snow, I jump all over her. One time she fell face down and when she got up there was snow packed behind her glasses…I wagged my tail alot over that! Have fun in the snow, all you lucky tripawds!

   Opie on 12.11.09 @ 12:08 am    

oh yeah. i forgot. my mom told me that a long time ago when she was just out of highschool, she and some classmates traveled from pennsylvania to colorado in a van. They camped out along the way. it was in june and they camped one night in a big field in kansas. my mom said that night was the worst thunderstorm she had ever been in. she was afraid that a tornado would kill her! Anyway, she lived, but she never forgot that scary night.

   Opie on 12.11.09 @ 12:16 am    

Hi Buddy!
Just found your blog. My Mom is wondering did you have soft tissue sarcoma like me? I, too, had my left rear leg amputated.
Your Mom sounds like mine…overprotective and freaks out at times over me! But that’s OK…we are loved, huh? 😉

   maggie on 12.28.09 @ 7:03 am    

Hi Maggie!
I had plasma cell carcinoma, not sure if that is also known as soft tissue carcinoma or not, but thankfully it was local to my hind leg. My Mom is very protective and gets worried about me, but so far so good! We just got 8inches of snow and i am having a ball playing in it! My mom broke her camera, so she hasn’t been able to get any cute pics up:( I’m sure she’ll dish out the money and get a new one, i think she would go into withdrawl without one:) Have you been ok since your amputation? I feel like years have been taken off! I can run and play again:) just wish we would have found it earlier. life has been much, much better!! Hope you are doing well and lets keep in touch:) Buddy

   gratefull on 12.29.09 @ 12:11 pm    

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