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not the best day
Monday November 30th 2009, 10:29 pm  Tagged ,
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Well today was the first day since Buddy’s surgery last tuesday that hasn’t been so great:( I knew something was wrong when he wasn’t waging his tail and wanting to go outside with me this morning. He did eat his breakfast, and when I finally did get him to get up to go outside I saw why he was down. He was way off balance and fell. i helped him to get down the ramp and into the backyard so he could relieve himself , and he did just fine, but on the way back up the ramp he lost balance and fell again. pretty much the entire day and night has been like this although it seems like tonight it’s getting a little better. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. I hope this is common post op for an amputee and when i talked to the vet tech he thought buddy had just over done it. I see the vet friday to get the sutures out, but can get him in sooner if need be.
Everything was going so well and I was so surprised and relieved and now I am so scared that something has gone wrong and that he won’t be ok. i hope it’s just my fear.

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Just keep an eye on Buddy. It’s early on, and I assume he’s probably still on medication? If that’s the case, he might just be loopy from all the different medications, or as the vet tech said, maybe he overdid it a little. Again, just keep an eye on him; it’s good that’s he’s eating; make sure he also gets plenty of water (and love).

   maximutt on 11.30.09 @ 10:43 pm    

I just found your blog, you sound like you’ve been giving Buddy lots of love! I have a new tripawd myself, one week ago tomorrow, Minnie had her front left leg removed. I understand what you mean about wanting to let them run free! I hope that Buddy is feeling better soon, perhaps he did over do it, it must take a while for them to adjust to their new life.
Good luck!

   colleen on 12.01.09 @ 1:09 am    

Jake also had good days and bad days the first 2 weeks. Sometimes he had these bursts of energy… then the next day he would have some difficulty and be so tired. So definitely keep an eye on him… and keep him from overexerting himself… He should be fine til your vet visit on Friday… but if you feel like he’s getting worse, then just call your vet and see them earlier. If only to make you feel better. I know I was worried about every single thing that happened with Jake… You just can’t help it!

Angel Jake’s Mom

   jakesmom on 12.01.09 @ 5:31 am    

Hang in there and keep an eye on Buddy! Peyton had good days and bad days after his surgery. I think he would just over due it when he did feel good and then he paid for it! Just keep helping Buddy when he needs it and give him lots of love!!!

   Peyton's Path on 12.01.09 @ 10:56 am    

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