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Monday December 14th 2009, 7:10 pm  Tagged ,
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Picked up Bailey today from having his x-rays to find out he has a bum hip, arthritis on both sides, the balls don’t excactly fit in the sockets, and a disc issue in his L1-L2 vertabrae. For now we will treat medically with cosequin and rymidal(sp?) and see how he acts in a couple weeks. If there is still trouble we will do surgery. The vet actually said amputation of the left hind leg is a possibility .That’s the leg Buddy had amputated, but hopefully the med therapy can work or a less invasive surgery to start with. So..I get home and let the dogs out and they immediatly run to the back fence where the most pathetic, matted, dirty little dog was sitting and looking at us like ” please can you help me, i’m cold!” I went down to check his collar and there was only a city name, and the collar was so tight i coudn’t get it to turn around let alone have a finger space in between his neck and the collar. horrible. Then I noticed his skin was all red and chapped on his rear end .
I called the vet’s and ran him over, no micro chip, no name tag, just the city tag. I told them I’d take care of him if they can’t locate the owner and that in fact i almost hope they can’t. Obviously the dog isn’t taken care of very well. Anyway, they’re going to bathe him and get him shots etc and I will call tomorrow.
I felt so sorry for that little white fluffy thing, actually he looked more of a beige-grey color from the dirt.
Buddy and Bailey were so excited to have rescued a little one in need and gave him lots and lots of attention:)
My dilema now is what if the owner lives on my street and i find out. Do I scold him/her for neglecting their dog or say nothing, or not turn the dog over to them? I’m very tempted (as i told the vet) to give this dog a new loving home either with us or my mom.
All I know is that animals are dependent on us and it makes me soo mad when i see one who isn’t being taken very good care of. On the other hand I don’t know the full story and I would be devastated if i lost one of my guys ( or my cat, who by the way was very weary!).
On a happier note, Buddy is doing fantastic and I’ve caught myself already having moments i forget he’s a tri pawd!! I love to watch him do his little twist when he turns around! He’s got quite the moves!!
I have some new pic’s i’ll attempt to post here from our first snow last week.
As for the animal hospital thing going on over here…I’ll keep you informed!
Buddy’s Mom
P.S oh and peyton I too think we’d be great friends if we lived closer,but can still be great friends even though we don’t!!

head in the snow

head in the snow

I'm pooped but that was fun!

I'm pooped but that was fun!

Bailey eating snow!

Bailey eating snow!

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Buddy, tell your brother that we love him and love to hear about him, he doesn’t have to go through so much hardship just to get attention! We will give him lots of attention even if he is healthy and doing great! We really hope the meds work and Bailey doesn’t have to go through surgery. Keeping our paws crossed.

Your family is wonderful for taking in that little dog. We vote for keeping it! My Mom almost kept a black lab that got loose on a regular basis. His name was Charlie and we returned him home many times. He was always loose on a busy street and now he is missing. We pray now that he is living with another family who loves him. Mom feels a little guilty that she didn’t keep him because now we will never know what really happened to Charlie 🙁 .

Cool pictures! Dillon and I like to dig our heads in the snow too!! Remind Bailey not to eat yellow snow 🙂 .

We are happy you are feeling good Buddy! We send lots of hugs to you and Bailey. We are good friends Buddy! I would just like to sniff you and get to really know you 😉 .

   Peyton's Path on 12.17.09 @ 2:20 pm    

Hey Peyton,
Sorry it’s taken a bit to get back to you, everything gets crazy around the holidays as I’m sure it does at your house as well:))
Bailey is doing a lot better ,but is on meds like me. hopefully he won’t need a surgery, but we’re playing it by ear. His hips are bad and full of arthritis as well as displasia, but as long as he’s not in pain we’ll just stick to the med plan.
I’m pretty sure I saw mom come in the other day with a big bag of presents for us!!!! I can’t get into the room where she is storing them, but i keep trying. I think i smelled out some bones!!
I’m doing really well so far with my leg gone and truly i’m glad it is; it was just so painful as you well know:) I hope you are doing well too!! do you have lots of snow to play with? we just had some last week, but it’s all melted now:( I like to play in it, i could stay out there for hours except mom won’t let me.
We found the owners to that scroungy little dog that we found. we we’re bummed, because his owners aren’t taking care of him the way we would. If we see him here again, we might keep him.
Well, I just wanted to check in and say hi! I’m off for now, hope you are having lots of fun and getting thoroughly spoiled by your pawrents:)) Talk soon,Buddy

   gratefull on 12.20.09 @ 6:03 pm    

Buddy & Bailey, your Mom is a real sweetheart and a true friend to animals. We wish there were more people like her in the world.

What if the other owner finds out you have the dog? Tough. I would tell them that they’re irresponsible and that the dog has a better chance at a decent life with you. At least I think I would, and hopefully wouldn’t chicken out.

Either way, that’s one lucky pup to come into your home on such a cold night.

Bailey, we hope you don’t need a surgery. Do what you can to avoid it…acupuncture, glucosamine, therapy. Hopefully that’ll get you away from the surgery ward. Good luck!!

   jerry on 12.22.09 @ 4:21 pm    

So wonderful of you to have saved that poor doggie!!! Keep us posted as to what happens to the new doggie and to Buddy!!!

Angel Jake’s Mom

   jakesmom on 12.27.09 @ 8:54 pm    


We have been thinking about you and Bailey daily. How are things going? We hope all is well. We are sad to say that Peyton went to Rainbow Bridge on December 27. We celebrated his 5th birthday on Christmas and it was wonderful. He was in a lot of pain the last couple of days and he told us he had enough. We are very sad and miss him very much. Peyton has left a huge hole in all of hearts. Please let us know how the two of you are doing we miss hearing from you!

(Peyton’s brother)

   Peyton's Path on 01.12.10 @ 9:17 pm    

My mom sent you a reply via e-mail..hope you received! Again, our hearts and thoughts are with you all, I am so sad about peyton and have thought about him a lot recently.strange in that i’ve never been blessed to meet him other than this site, but I know when we are together after this life we will run the fields together in heaven:) Hope you all are receiving plenty of support and love during this time of grief.
In our thoughts, Buddy and Bailey..( and mom of course!)

   gratefull on 01.14.10 @ 7:07 am    

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