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Anticipating vet visit
Friday December 04th 2009, 11:22 am  Tagged
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Today Buddy gets his sutures out!YEA!! I know his main concern is to get this lamp shade off his head,but my main concern is: did the vet ( my friend) order the bone marrow path and when will it come in? Thing is kent is the type of guy, personally , who likes to be the one who knows more than i do ..on everything! Well, that’s probably why we are now just friends, but anyway..i am concerned that because i asked him to run the path and because he told me post op that he feels confident that he got all the cancer,well that what he really meant was”marty i don’t think the cancer is in the bone and therefore did not send off for path results. Well I go in today at 2:00 and already feel ready for him to disappoint and make me mad. Dogs love him and the cat..well she’s a cat and wouldn’t like any vet! lol
I’m really just thinking through writing today i think, just anxious and worried that my concern about this will be right. I’m usually very tolerant, sweet, the nice know! Today however, if my anticipation about this is correct, i might actually get upset.
Anyway, i just needed to journal so to speak, this helps so much!
I’m sure that whatever the case, Buddy will be fine as he has already shown me in how adapt he has been with this amputation!!
Well, I’m currently one of the adults back in school to change careers and have end of the semester work to do, so i’m off. will check back later to report what transpired at the vets office:)
Now I have to figure out how to get this harness to work. When i first used it the vet tech put in on buddy in the i get to try to figure out how to put it on at home( to help him get in the car). Why these things don’t come with directions i’ll never know.UGGHH.

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Oh we are hoppy for Buddy too, those lampshades are a terrible invention for us dawgs.

Try not to get upset if the path wasn’t ordered. Just breathe, and stand up for what you want done. You are your dog’s best and only medical advocate, and if you want it, get it, existing friendship or not. Be strong like Buddy, you can do it.

Now, about putting on the harness, did you check out our demo video?

For front leg Tripawds, we like to place the flat harness on the floor and have the dog step into the closed leg loop. Then raise it up, run his head through the neck area, place it on his body and secure the straps. I hope this makes sense.

For rear leg Tripawds, we just run his head through it first, and then gently put one of his front paws through the leg loop.

Let us know if you need more help OK? Good luck today, we’ll be waiting for an update!

   jerry on 12.04.09 @ 11:59 am    

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