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buddy’s blog
Thursday November 26th 2009, 9:54 pm
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Hi all! I know my mom has ben doing most of the writing here, but i am feeling so much better i thought I’d say a few words..First, when is this woman going to stop giving me all these kisses? she keeps telling me how proud she is of me and how I’m a one of a kind dog in our neighborhood! I love it of course, but I’m a male and it’s getting mushy.
She did bring home a little turkey for my brother bailey and i tonight which was really good! She has us on diets, so the treat thing has been lacking and tonight i lapped it up:))
I slept so well last night that she didn’t have to give me the sedative meds that Dr. Kraus had prescribed just in case:) i’m on so many meds right now anyway. Dr.Kraus has called or has my mom call him everyday to check up on me, i like him, but he’s spoiling my fun. He scolded my mom for when i ran in the backyard the other day, so now she goes down into the yard with me keeping me still.
I wish you other tripods lived near so we could meet up and play sometime, but i’m grateful your here just the same:) I know my mom really appreciates your parents kind words and advice!
When will i be able to get away with being on my own in the backyard to run and play? I love my mom ,but geessshh!!!
Well, I just wanted to say hi and to let you know how happy I am that we are all surviving well and have parents who, even though they get all mushy with us, really do love and take care of us!
Hope you all had a great thanksgiving, Buddy

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5 Comments so far

Hi Buddy

Glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving with your mum showering you with attention and love (and turkey too!). Sounds like you have a great doctor, which must be reassuring to your mum. Keep up the good hops,

Tazzie 2

   Tazzie on 11.27.09 @ 7:39 am    

Buddy I hate to spoil your fun, but the mushy stuff doesn’t go away! I am in my 11th week and both of my pawrents are still kissing me all the time telling me what a good boy I am. They even get excited when I poop! It is insane. They tell me it is because they want to make sure the chemo isn’t making me sick. I have just gotten use to it!

I bet as long as everything goes ok you will be in the backyard running once your stitches/staples come out. The doctors just want us to heal and not hurt anything, so make sure you listen to them! You want a smooth healing process so your pawrents don’t need to worry about you as much!

I am glad to hear you feel so good!

   Peyton's Path on 11.27.09 @ 8:15 am    

Hey Buddy,

Hope that you and Baily and your pawrents had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yah… the spoiling will never end… so just get used to it! 🙂

Angel Jake’s Mom

   jakesmom on 11.27.09 @ 10:05 am    

Its good to hear Buddy is doing so well.

And the spoiling doesn’t ever end- once you are out and about again EVERYONE wants to pet you and say how impressed they are… get used to it.

Karen and the pug girls.

   krun15 on 11.27.09 @ 6:40 pm    


I feel your pain man. I hate it when my mom wraps her fore paws around me and squeezes. blah…mushy stuff…Dude, you should be running around on your own in about two weeks. For now, you should rest.


PS Goldens Rule!

   Opie on 11.27.09 @ 8:43 pm    

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